Quality Matter


We are committed to execellent quality management and services standards.


In line with Quality Management System, AEL conducts Quality Management Policy and quality objectives to exemplify corporate commitment on quality assurance and guiding principle. Also, we are committed to providing our employees with sufficient resources and training that strengthen the capabilities to enhance the quality of products and services. http://www.ael.hk/upload/page/21/self/5f051f9349690.jpg


Safety and Health Matters


We are committed to perpetuating an injury free operational and working environment.


Safety is always the first priority in AEL. We strive to maintain highest level of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) to clients, contractors, the public and our employees in all work process. According to our Safety Governance, we take a risk-based approach and hold regular corporate and divisional safety management meetings to review our processes and initiatives to ensure that we respond appropriately to and effectively manage safety risks.


Various initiatives have been proactively implemented across the company, including Safety Inspections, Safety Report, Staff Health Talk, Indoor Air Quality monitoring, New Joiner Safety Training and regular OHS reminders. Over the years, new joiners are invited to participate in the “Safety Quiz” which is organized by Occupational Safety and Health Council, aiming to arouse their OSH awareness and foster safety culture among the company.


Environmental Matter


We are committed to protecting the environment and working towards sustainability.


We implement a sound environmental management system to ensure that our operations proceed efficiently with minimum impact on the environment and we continue to review the effectiveness of our mitigation and adaptation measures. We also keenly support different green activities to raise environmental awareness of our employees and the public.




Energy Matter

We are committed to enacting energy conservation and reducing carbon emission.

We implement energy saving policies in order to achieve “Conserve Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions”. Electricity consumption is one of the key factors affecting the carbon emission. Therefore, we have developed an Energy Management System to monitor the energy use at the workplace for evaluation, to provide training for our staff and to adopt high energy efficiency equipment, such as replacing T8 Tubes by LED lighting in the office. After implementing these policies, it is estimated that the annual electricity consumption is about to reduce by 20%. The measures can enhance our performance of Energy Management System in order to make more contributions to protecting the environment continually.  


ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 50001:2018
ISO 45001:2018