Logistics & Automation

AEL offers a comprehensive selection of mechanical handling system for the transportation of light to heavy weight materials, as well as to provide tailored systems to fulfill different transportation and operation requirement. From vehicle parking system to bulky industrial equipment, AEL is capable of achieving efficient handling operation.


Key Capabilities :

-       Cargo Handling Equipment

With extensive experience in providing various cargo equipment with great flexibility, efficiency and safe environment for cargo operations. AEL participated in more than 24 air cargo terminal facilities around the world, produced more than 2,500 roller decks, 4,500 sqm ball deck, 1,000 right angle decks, 500 works stations and 30 stacker cranes.

-       Pneumatic Tube Mailing System

"Telecom" Pneumatic Tube Mailing System of Holland (Product Details) provides high speed transport system in almost every environment. The system has been widely adopted in the hospitals, maintenance service centers and other industrial use to enhance efficiency and reduce operational cost.

-       Vertical Conveyor System

The system was installed in Hong Kong St. Paul's Hospital, carrying different materials on each floor in the hospital. This system plays a significant role in materials handling and storage management.

-       Crane and Hoist Lifting Solution

-       Vehicle Turntable Platform

-       Automated Car Park System