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Care for your children – provide them a healthy and happy environment

Recently, seasonal influenza (flu) is raging. The Centre for Health Protection has urged the public to take personal protective measures to get rid of catching the flu.

Apart from vaccination against flu, the most straightforward and effective way is to wear a mask that blocks contaminants and droplets. AEL sincerely introduces you the LIFAair LM95 mask (with pink or blue color) for children. According to the international standard <GB/T 32610-2016>, the filtration efficiency of PM2.5, pollen and dust of the LM95 mask reaches 98%. Meanwhile, the protection ability is A grade. Depending on different air quality levels, the maximum effective use time is 40 hours. It is strongly advised for parents to prepare a mask for your children in the coming New Year.

The LM95 masks is only on the price of HK$150 for 5pcs. Interested parties, please contact our business development manager Enoch Wong at 2767 1103 / 9792 7853. We wish you all a happy new year!

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