Engineering Services

Engineering Services Unit are formed by Registered Lift Engineers, specialist engineers, experienced technicians in carrying out electrical and mechanical equipment installation and lift devices, routine maintenance and emergency repair work, spare part support and fault call. The Unit also provides a wide range of warranty, repair and maintenance services of Stairlifts and Vertical Lifting Platform and Gondola System. Associated Engineers, Limited is also under the List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors - Mechanical Handling and Lifting Installation Category from the government.


Key Capabilities:

E&M equipment and lift devices

Warranty and after-sales services

Structure repair

Refurbishment work

24-hour emergency repair services


Key Highlight Projects:

  • - Refurbishment for Grab Unloaders of CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd
  • - Access Bridge Installation at Midfield Concourse
  • - MTR Depot Project
  • - Deck replacement project of DHL Central Asia Hub